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Long Distance Moves

If you are looking to move a long distance Ahlgren’s Transport is always prepared and ready to help make your next long distance move a hassle-free one.   

Why Move Long Distance with Ahlgren’s Transport

  • Free on-site estimates
  • Flat rate with no hidden charges
  • Professional moving crew
  • No secondary stops to fill the truck
  • Standard value insurance protection (Full Value Protection Available)
  • All furniture wrapped in padding a secured in the truck to reduce movement
  • Moving equipment and tools
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly

Long Distance Moving Tips from the Pros

When moving long-distance there are more things to take into consideration and packing may be a little more time consuming than what would be for a local move.  Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for your long distance move with Ahlgren’s Transport.

  • Pack for the Long Move: Spend a little more on boxes and make sure items are packed properly with enough padding and cushion to prevent damage.
  • Insure Your Property: While basic value protection is great, we highly recommend full-value protection on long-distance moves.
  • Personal Items: Be sure to keep personal items (Drivers License, Passport, Some Clothes, Bathroom needs, high-value jewelry or weapons) with you during your move. You don’t want this information packed in a box in case you need to quickly get to it.
  • Mattresses: If you can box a mattress this is always best, if not we recommend purchasing high-quality mattress bags so it does not get dirty or damaged during transport.
  • Food: Try to avoid packing food and liquids that may spill. This could leave your items open to bugs, rodents or damage from something opening and leaking.
  • Organize and Label Boxes: Make sure you label your boxes with what room they are going to in your new home, and some description about what is in the box. DOn’t forget to also include your name on the box as well.
  • Avoid Moving Headaches: Things like multiple stairwells, small streets, specific moving days and times by your new location may be something to consider and discuss with your movers.