Affordable Piano Movers FAQs

Frequently Asked Question about Moving Pianos

Need to move your piano but not sure where to start or if you should even attempt it by yourself? At Ahlgren’s Transport we have you covered for affordable and professional piano movers serving Greensboro NC and surrounding areas. No matter if you are just moving across town or across the country we are here to keep your move on key.

Here you will find a helpful list of frequently asked questions when it comes to moving your piano safely and professionally.

While there are many factors to the cost of moving your piano our local moves start as low as $350. Let Ahlgren’s Transport provide a free piano moving quote today.

How much does it cost to move pianos?
$350-$1000 for local upright and grand pianos.

Are piano movers worth it?
Yes, Piano movers are insured and skilled to deal with all types of pianos and situations. It is also dangerous and potentially fatal to move a piano by yourself.

Can I transport a piano myself?
Yes, but you should still hire professionals to load and unload.

How much does it cost to ship a grand piano?
Grand piano start at $750 to ship locally

Can you move a baby grand piano yourself?
No, baby grand pianos can weigh as much as 550 lb and require special training to move.

Can I ship my piano?
Yes, but it is wise to have professionals help load and unload.

Does moving a piano put it out of tune?
Typically moving a piano will not put it out of tune.

Can you move a piano in a pickup truck?
No, pianos are very heavy it can cause injury or death if not handled correctly. Moving a piano into the back of a pickup truck can also damage the piano.

How much does it cost to move a piano 20 miles?
The style of piano and amount of stairs or long walk will always play a role in the amount of how much it cost to move a piano. Our rates start as low as $450 to move a piano 20 miles.

How do you move a piano without damaging the floor?
Floors are covered with moving pads and floor runners to protect your floor while the piano is being moved.

Can you move a piano in a Uhaul trailer?
Yes but it is strongly urged to have professionals help you load and unload

Photo by Dalila Dalprat from Pexels

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